Saturday, September 15, 2007

Music Video | Luiz Bonfa - Menina Flor (1966)

Hello, Good Evening! One of the benefits of the new Loronix design is the chance of showing bigger videos. However, several different browsers are available and people use several different screen resolutions and I cannot test on these several alternatives. That's why I'm asking you to report something wrong with this post. Please leave a comment if something does not work as it should. I will be here to adjust things as they are reported.

Thank you. Let's check this great Luiz Bonfa video sent by the great Loronix friend HansVonz. Luiz Bonfa performs Menina Flor at Mike Douglas Show (1966).

Hope uEnjoy!


Joe Carter said...

General Zeca Louco:

Beautiful! My favorite Bonfa tune and it really shows his command of the guitar and his ability to extract different sounds, all using his fingers. More, please!!!!

Sargeant Carter

Harold_Z said...

Beautiful music!

The video played perfectly through on Mozilla Firefox.

Harold_Z said...

Zeca: Beautiful music!

The video played perfectly using Mozilla Firefox.

Anonymous said...

Luis Bonfa is an outstanding acoustic guitar player. Thank you for sharing this Bonfa video with us.

pawlyshyn said...

Great performance, and I appreciate how Mike tries to pronouce his name properly.
Seems to work on Safari -- but is it supposed to be in widescreen format?
So how can we save these videos so we can enjoy them again and again?

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your Bonfa videos. He is the greatest imho. It would have been enchanting to have actually seen it on TV.

By the way, is that Al Hirt with Mike Gouglas? I have no idea who the lady is.

Unknown said...

Works fine in Opera too.. Cheers :)


Unknown said...

No Fuzzy button on the new design? ;)


PS: I'm posting all your stuff directly from the RSS feed.

Harold_Z said...

Thomas...Yes, that is Al Hirt with Mike.

BTW, Mike had a really good studio band. The bassist was Jimmy DeJulio. He played both upright and Fender and sounded great on both. He always played hip changes.

Jim R said...

First of all, thank you to HansVonz for sharing this. Just wonderful playing... I love the way he phrases, uses dynamics, and gets the full spectrum of sounds out of the instrument. I've always liked this tune, but I like it even more now!

I believe the woman shown at the beginning is Edie Adams.

Good old Mike Douglas... that was a fun show.

Anonymous said...

That's correct, Jim r, the woman shown at the beginning is Edie Adams, actually, sided with the legendary trumpet player Al Hirt.

Thank you, Zeca, for sharing this nice Bonfa video with us.