Monday, October 30, 2006

Renata Lu - Renata Lu (1971)

Yesterday, the first release of the day was an LP of Nonato Buzar. Remember that I said that Renata Lu was credited as a singer on some tracks? You probably do not remember, but a new Loronixer from France, let's call him Mr. Bap., read that and decided to send a LP to zecalouro.

Amazingly, this LP was Renata Lu - Renata Lu (1971), a requested artist that I had no hope to find a LP one day. Mr. Bap. is a collector, focused on sambalanco from the 70's. Let's send greetings and thanks to Mr. Bap. This is the debut LP of Renata Lu, a Samba Singer from the 70's. She is brand new to zecalouro but I could search that her great success is Sandalia de Prata, a song released on the homonymous 1976 LP. I cannot resist saying that this cover is great. Tracks include:

01 - Faz Tanto Tempo (Marcos Moran / José Ari)
02 - Folhas de Outono (Márcio Alexandre / Hélio Matheus)
03 - Sou Frevo (Edmundo Souto / Arnoldo Medeiros)
04 - Meu Canto Minha Volta (Carlos Imperial / Jorge Roberto)
05 - Eu Quero Ficar Só (José Messias)
06 - Conta-me (Cuentame)
07 - Sambaloo (Salvador / Arnoldo Medeiros)
08 - Manias (Flávio Cavalcanti / Celso Cavalcanti)
09 - Fim de Papo (Fred Falcão / Arnaldo Medeiros)
10 - Meu Amor É Teu Amigo (Carlos Imperial / Jorge Roberto)
11 - Sucesso Tranquilo (Carlos Odilon / Paulo Oliveira Peres)
12 - Sorriso (José Messias)


Anonymous said...


Que voz, que balanço, que delírio!
Nota 10 para esse disco!
Agora tenho quer enviar o "Sandália de Prata", só para comparar. Este último é de bem outro estilo. Gosto mais desse de 1971.

arara azul

Anonymous said...

I see good things do come to those who wait! Thanks zecalouro and Mr. Bap (and in advance to anonymous above for sending "Sandália de Prata")


David Federman said...

I downloaded Renata Lu's Bossa Nove '70 and found it mildly enjoyable. But I think you would be doing the world a more urgent and noble service if you found and posted Silvia Telles' last album, "The Face I Love." I have been sharing your generous posts of her first four albums with friends and they all agree with me: she is a singer on a par with June Christy (whom she often sounds like). You ought to use your growing influence to persuade a Brazilian record company to release her complete recordings--or undertake to do so yourself. I know at least ten people who would subscribe to such a collection. It is time for you to take your next step and translate your love of your country's music into an enterprise that allows the world to share the rarest gems of your culture--without risking the wrath of deleters and copyright vigilantes. Think about it, please.

zecalouro said...


I have been thinking about it for the last 2 months, 24h a day, 7 days a week. It is not easy, but we are very close to reach a new plateau. The critical factor for this enterprise is called connections, of any kind.

However, even those who are really connected does not count with something that cannot be taken, bought or created without hard working, a strong community behind you. That's what I use to call "Loronixers", which is you, me and everybody who has been with this website enjoying this great music.

There is a work from my side to be made. Believe me, I'm working hard on it, but it is not a fight to play alone and Loronixers are my best resources to put this website on the place you meant by your comment.

That's what I believe.

Thanks a million.

Regards, zecalouro

Anonymous said...

Oi Zeca:
Puxa, sera que esses caras acima escutaram o disco direito? Tem várias faixas que se repetem com nomes diferentes. Eu baixei o disco tentando saber se "Cuéntame" é cover da música dos espanholes Fórmula V e que nada rapaz! Logo essa é uma das afetadas pois a faixa que aparece com o titulo Conta-me, é na verdade "Sorriso". E a história se repete com mais duas ou tres músicas. Poeria conferir para nós?

J Thyme...kind said...

Please repost this LP. It has tracks that repeat. Can you find the proper LP of this?

Qual delas? said...

Realmente há várias repetições de faixas.