Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rosinha de Valenca e Waltel Branco - Violao em Dois Estilos (1980)

Hello, Good night! Everybody is excited with the new Laurindo Almeida blog announced yesterday. I’m also happy, the video with The Modern Jazz Quartet is truly amazing and those impossible to find Laurindo Almeida LPs are unique.

Let's take advantage of this "guitar" mood with a LP that brings together two legends of Brazilian guitar playing, Rosinha de Valenca e Waltel Branco - Violao em Dois Estilos (1980), for Som Livre, never released on CD and very hard to find.

I'm always reluctant to say if an album is good or not, but I'm breaking this rule now: nice record. Rosinha and Waltel do not play together, Rosinha performs tracks 01 to 05 and Waltel Branco guitar can be heard on tracks 06 to 11. Bass, drums and piano accompanies some tracks, while others are just acoustic guitar solo, unfortunately, personnel in the set is not listed. Tracks include:

01 - Porto das Flores (Rosinha de Valença)
02 - Asa Branca (Luis Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira)
03 - Valsa de Euridice (Vinicius de Moraes)
04 - Bala Com Bala (João Bosco / Aldir Blanc)
05 - Morena do Mar (Dorival Caymmi)
06 - Bachiana Nº 5 (Villa-Lobos)
07 - Ponteio (Waltel Branco)
08 - Siciliana (Maria Thereza Paradis) version: Waltel Blanco
09 - Diferenças Sobre Guarda-me Las Vacas (Luis de Novaes) version: Waltel Blanco
10 - Minueto (Johann Sebastian Bach) version: Waltel Blanco
11 - Prelúdio Nº 13 (Johann Sebastian Bach) version: Waltel Blanco

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Anonymous said...

It's always great to find a recording that includes the under-recorded Rosinha, the female counterpart to Baden Powell. Thanks and please keep them coming!

Joe C.