Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Primo e Seu Conjunto - Pinta o Sete (1966)

Hello! We will have a thematic day at Loronix today, really different and with a great closing, a fantastic LP sought by many collectors here. It will be very fun, some kind of game we will make, as soon as the posts are being released the more easy will be to guess what is the last and rare release of the day. Stay tuned.

But do not be dissapoint or bored waiting for the last one, the four picks are great, starting with this one, Primo e o Seu Conjunto - Pinta o Sete (1966) for Musidisc, a really nice Samba Jazz record with bass, drums, vibes, guitar, brass and percussion lead by Joao Peixoto Primo or just Primo at the piano. Tracks include:

01 - João Quatrocentão (Nilson de Alburquerque)
02 - Leila (Tranka / Luis Sergio Pacce)
03 - Você É de Pic-nic (Luis Carneiro / Alberto Paz)
04 - É Com Pimenta (Édson Menezes / Alberto Paz)
05 - Romantic Partners (Nilo Sergio)
06 - Deixa o Morro Cantar (Tito Madi)
07 - Gira Mundo (Luis Carlos Sá)
08 - Balanço do Rio (Pernambuco / Orlann Divo)
09 - Timba-obá (Pernambuco / Orlann Divo)
10 - Pior Pra Mim (Orlann Divo / Márcio Proença)
11 - É de Manhã (Caetano Veloso)
12 - Maçãs e Bananas (Scott)

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