Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Adventurers - Original Sound Track (1970)

This is the great close of the first day of 48 Hours of Tom Jobim tribute. I hope you have enjoyed, just as I had a tremendous pleasure on making it with Caetano Rodrigues assistance. The idea was to show several different aspects of Antonio Carlos Jobim music, being of use for those who never had the chance to hear Jobim music and also for fans with unique Jobim's LP. Tomorrow we will have our second and last day, completely different from the first one. I will appreciate a lot if you provide feedback on this tribute, so we can make better plans for the remaining tributes that will be scheduled throughout 2007. Thanks!

This is The Adventurers - Original Sound Track (1970), for Paramount. The film is known as bellow standard, but the great highlight is the sound track with music by Antonio Carlos Jobim. A very hard to find LP sent by Caetano to our tribute.

The Adventurers landmarks the first recording of two important Jobim songs, Children's Game, changed to Chovendo na Roseira when got lyrics of Jobim and Dax & Amparo (Love Theme), changed to Olha Maria when lyrics from Vinicius de Moraes and Chico Buarque de Hollanda created the lyrics. The Adventurers is arranged and conducted by Eumir Deodato. Tracks include:

01 - Main Title
02 - Children's Games
03 - Rome Montage
04 - Bolero
05 - Dax Rides
06 - Dax & Amparo (Love Theme)
07 - Corteguay (Deodato)
08 - The Long Trek
09 - Search For Amparo
10 - That Old Black Magic (Mercer/Arlen)
11 - Bitter Victory
12 - A Bed Of Flowers For Sue Ann