Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield - Bobby / Billy / Brasil (1967) featuring Luiz Henrique and Sivuca

Caetano sent this record with all other wonderful ones to out Tom Jobim Tribute. Caetano, this is something that you cannot do with a friend. I had to make the Tribute, big rush, working hard to be with everything ready on time and this wonderful piece starring at me and saying: "Caetano sent me just to make you mad...". The tribute is over and today I could appreciate it, as this record deserves. Thanks Caetano, very wise to put this one in the middle.

This is Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield - Bobby / Billy / Brasil (1967), for Verve, featuring the voice and the acoustic guitar of Luiz Henrique and the voice and accordion of Sivuca. Bobby Hackett and Billy Butterfield are trumpet players. The magic of this recording session is indeed Luiz Henrique rhythm guitar and the eventual accordion of Sivuca that also uses his voice as an instrument on a unique way. It is also amazing that Bobby, Billy, Brazil, released in 1967, never had the chance to be reissued on CD, I'm happy that Caetano is my great friend to reveal such things to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 - Dancing in The Dark
02 - Sunny
03 - Cherokee
04 - Quiet Nights
05 - Never Ever Leave me (Nunca me Deixes)
06 - Baia
07 - That's All
08 - Love is Here to Stay
09 - Dawm Comes Again
10 - Foggy Day
11 - Brasil


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Anonymous said...

Thanks- this is a very enjoyable recording, must be among the best Musica Brasileira playing by American Jazzmen, not least "Na Baixa do Sapateiro"

Below is updated track list with expanded personnel list and recording dates.

Bobby Hackett/Billy Butterfield/Luiz Henrique - Brazil (Verve V/V6 8723)
track list
01 - Dancing in The Dark (Arthur Schwartz/Howard Dietz)
02 - Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
03 - Cherokee [Indian Love Song] (Ray Noble)

04 - Quiet Nights [Corcovado] (AC Jobim/G Lees)
05 - Never Ever Leave me [Nunca me Deixes] (Albert Ham/Kirby Stone)
06 - Baia [Na Baixa do Sapateiro] (Ary Barroso)
07 - That's All (Bob Haymes/Alan E. Brandt)
08 - Our Love is Here to Stay (George & Ira Gershwin)
09 - Dawn Comes Again (Luiz Henrique)
10 - A Foggy Day (George & Ira Gershwin)
11 - Brasil [Aquarela do Brasil] (Ary Barroso)

Billy Butterfield, Bobby Hackett (tp); Sivuca (accor, g, vo); Luiz Henrique (g, vo); Doug Allen or Mitch Kerper (vib); Warren Bernhardt or Terry Bernhard (p); Don Payne or Arthur Koenig (b); Joe Hunt (d); Mary Mayo (vo); Al Ham (arr)

Recording dates (all New York City):
August 17, 1967
Love Is Here To Stay, That's All, Dawn Comes Again, Quiet Nights [Corcovado]

August 25, 1967
Dancing In The Dark, Sunny, Brazil , Never Ever Leave Me [Nunca Me Deixes]

September 12, 1967
Cherokee [Indian Love Song], Baia, A Foggy Day

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just discovered your blog, great stuff, thx!