Monday, March 12, 2007

Beto Strada - Bacalhau (BACS) Trilha Sonora do Filme (1976)

Hello, Good Night! Let's talk about the 70's, the decade that I do not have much knowledge on Brazilian music. In the other hand, the friends that like the music from the 70's, they make it with passion, such as: Mr. Bapt. and Mr. G. They are my consultants the official sounds of the 70's Loronix advice guys. I'm showing this album with no advice by them, just because it is a very requested post that we are now having the chance to make available only with the help of claudiab from Cantos e Encantos.

This is Beto Strada - Bacalhau (BACS) Trilha Sonora do Filme (1976), for Crazy. BACS is an adaptation of the movie film O Tubarao (Jaws), a comedy. All tunes are Beto Strada compositions, which was also responsible to gather the musicians on the set, listed just before tracks. Anyway, I think the 70's advisors strongly recommend this album, saying those unmeaning words to me, such like: "grooves", "soulful", etc. Tracks include:


Luiz Villar
(keyboards, arrangements)
Fernando Belem
(drums, percussion)
(piston, sax, arrangements)
Jose Carlos
Aecio Flavio
(piano, arrangements)
Luiz Roberto
(bass, acoustic guitar)
(bass, arrangements)

Track List

01 - Abertura Bac's (Beto Strada)
02 - Passo de Ceci (Beto Strada)
03 - Marcha Para Breda (Beto Strada)
04 - Senhora Breda (Beto Strada)
05 - Guitarra (Beto Strada)
06 - Wiking Tema (Beto Strada)
07 - Tema Perfeito (Beto Strada)
08 - O Barco (Beto Strada)
09 - Uma Igreja Para Ceci (Beto Strada)
10 - Tema do Oceanógrafo (Beto Strada)
11 - Tema de Ana (Beto Strada)
12 - Uma Fado Chorinho Para o Bacalhau (Beto Strada)
13 - Tema dos Casais (Beto Strada)


Marcio de Souza said...

Wow!!!!! I was looking for "Bacalhau" for a long time!!! Thank you very much, Loro!

Beto Strada is a genious!

I didn´t know its cover art was a comic version of Spielberg´s "Jaws"! It´s so hilarious! I would love to have a poster of this in my office! :-)

tharica2007 said...

This is a fantastic Blog!
I found here "Bacahau OST" but unfortunately the link is off.
Can you reup it?

tharica2007 said...

Thanks a lot for bacalhau soundtrack!