Sunday, March 11, 2007

Djalma Ferreira com Orgao e Orquestra - Baile de Formatura

Hello, Good Night! I was surprised today when Trix asked for more information about Maestro Jose Briamonte and I found a very early release by him available at Submarino, which is an on-line store in Brazil. The record is Jose Briamonte - New Age Brasil (2004), not listed at Amazon. Great surprise. I thought Briamonte was retired, working outside Brazil or even making closed performances on events, but I never could realize he was recording.

Another awesome surprise is this "never heard about" album from Djalma Ferreira, probably unknown by many, so good that I could not resist to start the day showing it to Loronixers.

This is Djalma Ferreira, Com Orgao e Orquestra - Baile de Formatura (no date), for Discos Drink, featuring the organ of Djalma Ferreira, his orchestra and the always above the average arrangements of Maestro Nelsinho. Baile de Formatura is how we call the graduate balls, which is the album theme. Reading the back cover, I could also learn that Djalma Ferreira is the owner of Discos Drink and probably Drink nightclub. Tracks include:

01 - Lamento
02 - Volta
03 - Samba do Drink
04 - Fala Amor
05 - Nosso Samba
06 - Murmurio
07 - Sambadin
08 - Recado
09 - Cheiro de Saudade
10 - Foi a Saudade
11 - Cansei
12 - Casa da Lolo


Anonymous said...

A respeito de Djalma Ferreira, ele era realmente o dono da boate Drink. Era carioca, estudou na Italia quando criança. Executava um ritmo que na época, lá pelos anos 50, era chamado Samba de Balanço, com seu solovox.Passaram pelo Drink músicos como Miltinho, Jair Rodrigues, Helena de Lima, Silvio César, Ed Lincoln entre outros.Depois foi para os Estados Unidos onde morreu em 2004.

Anonymous said...

As you will see elsewhere on Loronix in an interview I did with Ed Lincoln, Djalma Ferreira was instrumental (pardon the pun) in starting Ed Lincoln to play the Hammond B3 that he became famous for.

Ed Lincoln was the bass player in Conjunto Drink at that time and one Friday afternoon some men came to his apartment and woke him up (night club hours!) and told him he must come with them, Djalma Ferreira has been shot by some rival club owner's men. Thinking that he was being taken to see Djalma in hospital Ed went with the men, but they took him to the Drink Club.

Djalma said you must play the organ, said the men. You are to stay here and practise until we open tonight.

Terrified of this B3 that he never was allowed to touch before, but more terrified of the shady Djalma Ferreira his boss, he started to practice at 5pm and started playing at 9pm when the doors opened.

Of course, the rest is history and Ed Lincoln is much more famous now around the world than Djalma Ferreira!