Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Raul de Souza & Frank Rosolino - Festival Jazz SP (1978)

Hello, Good Evening! Loronixers contributions taken from old K-7 tapes are coming. It is now common. However, it is not possible to make all them, we should have criterion, such as the quality of the sound and at most, the importance and relevance of the music.

Luiz Harding sent this one, meeting everything, amazing sound and a really interesting concert with Raul de Souza and Frank Rosolino performing together on a Brazilian Jazz Festival held in Sao Paulo in 1978. It is a great concert and they have the accompaniment of top-notch musicians. Tracks could be identified with one exception, the last one. This is the first experience with K-7 tapes; feel free to write comments about it. Tracks include:


Raul de Souza and Frank Rosolino
Mathias Matos
Jose Alves
Chico Batera

Track List

01 - Stella by Starlight
02 - Lover Man
03 - Corcovado
04 - Not identified


cvllos said...

Zeca, pelamordeDeus...Rosolino - como Luiz Eça, Victor Assis Brasil, como Dick Farney, como Radamés e alguns outros fora-de-série - é IMPERDIVEL! Muito agradecido!

Luiz said...

Caspite ! Uma Jam Session dessas e nenhum comentário ? Zeca, acho melhor voce postar o ultimo BB da Ivete Semgalo, Ah,ah,ah.

Anonymous said...

Song nr 4 - isn't It "Bottom Heat" from "Sweet Lucy"


Pablo said...

The track 4 is a 2in 1, the first song seems to me, a version of UMBABARAUMBA de Jorge Ben, the other one, who knows; but with a jazzy feeling, I think that the track 4 is a forgettable one.

saltinvanki said...

Extraordinaria reliquia de la musica , y para los trombonistas ...ni hablar ....!!!!!!!
Para bens cara , o blog e muito bom ....
Excelente ....

Anonymous said...

Salvo engano, o baterista é o Zinho e não o Chico.