Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Music Video | Eliana & Booker Pittman, Doris Monteiro & Os Tres Morais

Loronix has a very good friend that keeps a channel at YouTube with more than 400 vintage Brazilian videos available. I took three to introduce Loronixers to his video channel, Os Tres Morais, Doris Monteiro and the greatest one, Eliana Pittman and Booker Pittman, together on Brazilian TV, 1963.

These are very short excerpts, but really worth watching, mainly Booker and Eliana Pittman. Don't miss Isquericrou YouTube channel, here.

Hope uEnjoy!

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bossanovadreamer said...

Although the videos are short but really nice to see first time Doris Monteiro and E.Pitman in an old video- Zeca knows that I am a big fan of both- the 3 Morais video is grwat , too.
Really great work of our friend at youtube.Very amazing.

Best wishes