Monday, August 27, 2007

Silvio Cesar - Silvio Cesar (1968)

It is frustrating when you have plans and they are jeopardized by problems with the Internet and other computer issues. I was saving this one for another time and need to make it today due these problems. Anyway, this album was one of the first ones I got in the beginning of Loronix. I bought in Sao Paulo, following an advice from Caetano Rodrigues on one of those vinyl fairs there. Let's see.

This is Silvio Cesar - Silvio Cesar (1968), for Odeon. A recommendation by Caetano is really worth checking and starting by this cover, everything runs really nice with this album. Silvio Cesar has a strong identification with Bossa Nova, recording several albums since the 60's with also several participations on other artists’ album. This self titled Odeon release has arrangements of a duo of renowned Maestros, Joao Teodoro Meirelles, also known as J.T. Meirelles, in charge of tracks 04 - Cantiga Antiga and 09 - Se Eu Pudesse te Dizer Tudo que Sinto and Lyrio Panicalli, responsible for the other ones. Tracks include:

01 - O Gato (Silvio César / Sylvan Paezzo)
02 - Gingilin - o Último Palhaço (Silvio César / Sylvan Paezzo)
03 - Rataplan (Roberto Menescal / Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
04 - Cantiga Antiga (Sylvan Paezzo / Silvio César)
05 - Kid Risadinha (Silvio César / Sylvan Paezzo)
06 - João Juca Júnior (Silvio César / Sylvan Paezzo)
07 - Pra Te Dizer (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
08 - Zé Doidinho (Silvio César / Sylvan Paezzo)
09 - Se Eu Pudesse Te Dizer Tudo Que Sinto (Silvio César)
10 - Nascimento Vida e Morte de Um Samba (Roberto Menescal / Silvio César)

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