Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Heitor Villa Lobos - Forest of the Amazon (1959) with with the Symphony of The Air and Bidu Sayao - Soprano

Moving forward with the Musicians Day celebration I would like to make a small interruption on Loronix style to present a LP of an artist that cannot be left behind on any Brazilian Music celebration. Take a time to hear this LP, a truly amazing tribute to the Amazon Rainforest; this is Heitor Villa Lobos - Forest of the Amazon (1959) with the Symphony of The Air (NBC Symphony Orchestra) and Bidu Sayao - Soprano.

This is a long time David Federman recommendation that I was saving for an appropriate day, today. I could hit my keyboard for hours writing about Villa Lobos and Bidu Sayao, but it is better to keep it short. Forest of the Amazon was one of Heitor Villa Lobos last works, he was very ill on his last years, but he could orchestrate the entire piece and even coach Bidu Sayao for a best performance. Anyway, do not forget to tell us what are your feelings about the first Classical Loronix release. Tracks include:

01 - Overture
02 - Deep In the Forest
03 - Excitement Among the Indians
04 - First Bird Song
05 - Nature's Dance
06 - Second Bird Song
07 - (Vocalise)
08 - Sails
09 - On the Way To the Hunt
10 - Third Bird Song
11 - Twilight Song
12 - The Indians In Search of the Girl
13 - Fourth Bird Song
14 - Rima's Music
15 - Head Hunters
16 - Love Song
17 - Sentimental Melody
18 - Forest Fire
29 - (Finale)


Anonymous said...

you are right, it's a wonderful recording, i've had it for years, and both brazilians, villa lobos and sayao, are too little celebrated

Anonymous said...

pois é, a bidu sayão não teve o reconhecimento q merece, a grande soprano brasileira!!!...mas esse disco é uma pérola, das grandes, e o villa acertou em cheio! essa obra é grandiosa, mística, a orquestração, o coro, a composição em si, os temas, e as linhas de canto da soprano, tudo é belíssimo!
todos têm q conhecer! =)
abraços, valeu zeca!

David Federman said...

It is Thanksgiving here in America and you have given me something extra to be thankful for this cold rainy day. Hearing Bidu Sayao's heavenly voice singing Villa Lobos's heavenly music is something I shall always treasure. Those four bird songs, plus the love song--all of which are new to me--are almost more beauty than I can bear. Thank you, my brother. Today the whole world will know the glory of Villa Lobos.

Reza said...

Loving this ...beautiful stuff THANK YOU