Sunday, November 19, 2006

Os Cobras - O LP (1964)

This is a perfect name for a wonderful Samba Jazz instrumental combo, meet Os Cobras - O LP (1964), for RCA. Os Cobras - The Snakes – are the ones that exceed the expectations and are the best on their duties. This is the first and only release by Os Cobras.

Anyway, this is the kind of post that you make better if you introduce the musicians and this is the most awesome personnel listing I have seen so far at Loronix. Check this out.

Os Cobras

Tenorio Jr.

José Carlos "Zezinho"

Milton Banana

Raul de Souza


(sax alto, flute)

Paulo Moura
(sax alto)

Especial Guests


(sax baritono)

(sax tenor)

Roberto Menescal



01 - Quintessência (J. T. Meirelles)
02 - Nanã (Moacir Santos / Mário Telles)
03 - Depois de Amro (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
04 - Adriana (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
05 - Praia (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
06 - Uganda (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
07 - The Blues Walk (C. Brown)
08 - 40 Graus (Orlando Costa ''Maestro Cipó'')
09 - Chão (Amaury Tristão / Roberto Jorge)
10 - Menina Demais (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
11 - Mar Amar (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
12 - Moça da Praia (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)


Jim R said...

A Classic!

One intersting thing... on my CD, I never noticed the credits (in the notes, which of course are in portuguese) for some of the special guest musicians zeca lists:

Jorginho, Aurino, Cipó, Menescal, Ugo

You learn something every day at Loronix. Thanks zeca!

zecalouro said...

Hello Jim R,

This is a really wonderful record. Really.

I'm not sure about this other info but the discography also says that Roberto Jorge was the Producer.

It is not every day we can please the Master...

Thanks Jim.

Cheers, zeca

Anonymous said...

Hi, Zeca!
Great idea! Great music!
Just to remind to all Loronixers: there is ANOTHER OS COBRAS!!!
I mean Copacabana (Br) CLP11168 LP "Os Cobras",Os Cobras, with impressive personnel: Moacyr Silva (sax), Julinho (tp), Maciel (tb),Paulinho (d), Chaim (piano),Waltel Branco (g), Guests: Cipo (s), Jorginho (s), Emilio(s), Formiga (tp), and more
Their music was never reissued on CD, but musicians are really strong .

Anonymous said...

Hi, Zeca!
Let's talk about Brazilian nicknames.
I know about "Zezinho" (José Antônio Alves) bass player on LCV "Novas Estructuras", and there is another bassist "Zezinho" - José Carlos, playing with Os Cobras.
What about 3rd "Zezinho" - Jose Baptista da Silva Jr., pianoman from Sombalanco LP?
Well, it's nearly impossible to complete Brazilian discograhpy correctly in such a circumstances!
My native Russian very similar to Brazilian Portugues, in that case, because "Dryusha" is the same name as "Andrey" or "Lyonchik" is "Leonid"
It's the pleasure for me to discover new similarities between Brazil and my country.

Anonymous said...

Zeca, I've already congratulated you by Trio 3-D and this O LP Os Cobras is another great instrumental bossa nova album, one of the best. Why our instrumental music is so underrated?
Jose Garcia.

Anonymous said...

The Zézinho in this album is José Antonio Alves. I know this because he was my father. Thanks for correcting the info.
Maria Izabel Alves