Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ann Sothern, Jane Powell, Carmen Miranda and Danny Scholl - Nancy Goes to Rio - OST (1950)

Lovely, we have here a tiny little piece of record provided by Mr. W. with several nice surprises and curiosities that you would like very much. Actually, Arara Azul sent also a Carmen Miranda LP as zecalouro Christmas gift, but it is a complex post that I'm saving for later. Thanks Mr. W. Thanks Arara Azul.

This is Ann Sothern, Jane Powell, Carmen Miranda and Danny Scholl - Nancy Goes to Rio (1950) - 10", for MGM, released in Brazil as Romance Carioca. Can you believe that? It is true, this LP has also the participation of O Bando da Lua and landmarks the first international performance of the Brazilian genre Baiao with the song Caroom Pa Pa.

Mr. W. gave all details, saying also that a special attention should be given to the song IPSE-AI-O, a Samba, composed by Ray Gilbert, featuring O Bando da Lua. Another track to be highlighted is Love Is Like This, performed by Jane Powell, which is in fact Carinhoso (Pixinguinha) with English lyrics by Ray Gilbert. Breathtaking, short and amazing, don't miss it. Tracks include:

01 - Love Is Like This - Jane Powell - (Gilbert-Vianna)
02 - Time and Time Again - Ann Sothern and Danny Scholl - (Brent-Spielman)
03 - YIPSEE-I-0 - Carmen Miranda - (Gilbert)
04 - Magic Is The Moonlight - Jane Powell and Ann Sothern - (Pasquale-Grever)



NANCY GOES TO RIO is a superb movie with a first-rate soundtrack. Jane Powell's singing is particularly outstanding, proof if needed, that Jane Powell is the greatest singer of all time.

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