Friday, December 29, 2006

Zimbo Trio & Sebastiao Tapajos - Zimbo Convida Sebastiao Tapajos (1982)

I have been punishing myself since I got recommendations of nice Loronix friends to focus on Sebastiao Tapajos, the Brazilian violonista (acoustic guitar) player with more than 50 recorded albums. I don't know who blame for this fault (the fact zecalouro never took Sebastiao Tapajos for a try), but hearing Sebastiao Tapajos LPs for the first time is such like receiving a new bike from daddy.

Let's start with Sebastiao Tapajos with style, this is Zimbo Trio & Sebastiao Tapajos - Zimbo Convida Sebastiao Tapajos (1981), for Clam, really nice release, I have been hearing this LP every day and on each new try there are new treasures to discover. Another self-explanatory release. Tracks include:

01 - Danca (Luiz Chaves)
02 - Voce Nao Pode Ouricar (Alexandre Dantas do Amaral)
03 - Marajo (Sebastiao Tapajos / Rubens Barsotti)
04 - Preludio para Karen (Sebastiao Tapajos / Mauricio Einhorn)
05 - Um Pro Zimbo (Sebastiao Tapajos / Mauricio Einhorn)
06 - Recado pro Tiao Tapajos (Luiz Chaves)
07 - Lua Joa (Sebastiao Tapajos)
08 - No Balanco do Vovo (Luiz Chaves)
09 - Igarapes (Sebastiao Tapajos / Mauricio Einhorn)
10 - Viajeiro (Luiz Chaves)
11 - Sincopando (Sebastiao Tapajos / Luiz Chaves / Amilton Godoy)

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