Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rubens Bassini - Ritmo Fantastico, Rubens Bassini e os 11 Magnificos (1961)

That's a unique post of a unique musician. Rubens Bassini, the first time at Loronix as a solo artist and found on several LPs from the 60's as a sideman. This is Rubens Bassini - Ritmo Fantastico, Rubens Bassini e os 11 Magnificos (1961), for Pawal. In spite his intense activity as a sideman on several others LPs, Rubens Bassini released only two solo albums throughout his entire career, this is the fist.

The blending of "Latin" instruments, such as: Bongos and Maracas with Bossa Nova and Samba rhythms, is the strength of Rubens Bassini and what makes him an unique musician. Bongos and Maracas never had a place on Brazilian music, Rubens Bassini pioneer the introduction of these elements and never had a follower. Thanks Caetano for this amazing LP, with Rubens delivering what is used to call as "Latin Groove" on top of Bossa Nova and some US standards. Born in 1933, Rubens has died very early with the age of 52 in 1985. Stay with tracks and the complete listing of Os 11 Magnificos. Tracks include:

Os 11 Magnificos

Rubens Bassini
(Bongo, Pandeiro)

J. Hernandez




Waltel Branco

(Drums, Timbales)

Jadyr de Castro




Pedro Santos


01 - Céu e Mar (Johnny Alf)
02 - Coco Seco (Luis Reis)
03 - Barquinho (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
04 - September Song (Kurt Weill / Anderson)
05 - Canoinha (Leide Branco / Alberto Paz)
06 - Cuban Mambo (Cugat / J. Wiseman)
07 - Mirage (Art Blakey)
08 - Maria Conga (Orlann Divo / Roberto Jorge)
09 - Love For Sale (Cole Porter)
10 - Mensagem
11 - Esto Es El Ritmo
12 - Quem Quizer Encontrar Amor (Geraldo Vandré / Carlos Lyra)

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Mr. G said...

LOOOOOOOVVVVVE this LP! Whatmusic reissued it in a very crisp-sounding remaster a few years ago. Being a huge fan of Cal Tjader, this is perfect for me, the wedding of early 60s Rio bossa magic with the Tjader-Mongo Santamaria-Willie Bobo vibe. Did you know that during his period playing in Brasil '66, when they were huge worldwide stars, Rubens also had the distinction of dating the much-desired Karen Philipp, the blonde one of the two girl singers? All-around, he was the man :)......I just wish that either Rubens or the bassist Tiao Neto could have written their memoirs before passing away. That would have been an amazing read! Or for that matter, I wish Milton Miranda, the late director of Odeon during its glory years, left behind an account of his experiences........