Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wilson Simonal - Vou Deixar Cair (1966) with Som 3

Caetano left Sao Paulo today for a short business trip and made a phone call to remind me of Wilson Simonal passing, seven years ago, June 26, 2000. I know we had the great Joia, Joia less than a week, but this album is so great that I could not resist showing Loronixers. Just after post closing, I'm announcing in Portuguese the invitation I received from Max de Castro to be his guest on a concert tomorrow, part of a series of concerts celebrating 40 years of Canecao nightclub in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks Max, I'm honored, Loronix is all about the Brazilian musicians and the respect and promotion of their art is the strongest Loronix value proposition.

This is Wilson Simonal - Vou Deixar Cair (1966), for Odeon. This cover artwork alone worth your attention as well the music, Wilson Simonal is at his peak and backed by the mighty Som 3, the legendary instrumental combo lead by Cesar Camargo Mariano and complemented by the sax tenor of Juarez Araujo and Maurilio da Silva Santos trumpet. I hope you enjoy this release. Tracks include:


Wilson Simonal

Som 3
Cesar Camargo Mariano
(piano, arrangements)
Toninho Pinheiro
(drums, voice)
(bass, voice)

Juarez Araujo
(sax tenor)
Maurilio da Silva Santos

Track List

01 - Vento de Maio (Gilberto Gil / Torquato Neto)
02 - Meu Limão Meu Limoeiro (Tradicional)
03 - Carango (Nonato Buzar / Carlos Imperial)
04 - Minha Namorada (Carlos Lyra / Vinicius de Moraes)
05 - Sem Você Eu Não Vivo (Cassiano)
06 - Enxugue os Olhos (Chico Feitosa / José Guimarães)
07 - Maria (Ary Barroso / Luis Peixoto)
08 - A Formiga e o Elefante (Nonato Buzar / Carlos Imperial)
09 - Mamãe Passou Açúcar Em Mim (Carlos Imperial)
10 - Franqueza (Denis Brean / Osvaldo Guilherme)
11 - Tem Dó (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 - Samba do Mug (Wilson Simonal / José Guimarães)



Anonymous said...

Sssssssweet stuff...for those who like "Alegria, Alegria", cause it sounds more or less the same. Thanks a lot Zeca. Greetz,

Bossa Joe said...

It has gone such a long time but I just keep getting amazed. Wow.

Jörn said...

DARN...it´s gone. I would really appreciate another upload. Is this possible, dear Zeca? - Thanks in advance